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Welcome to us and Swedenthere we offer a attractive Boat Charter holidays with a personal touch in Sweden and around the world. Boat Charter is our passion and our job – come to Sweden and feel the wind and share this unique experience with us. Travel to Sweden and discover a popularly country with long yachting traditions. Boat Charter is a very popular destination with leisure and holiday activity there. Here we will offer you a range of yachts and catamarans in different size. You will get our Boat Charter offers for Sweden, if you use our quick yacht search tool in the upper left corner of our website. You can start with to define some of your personal Boat Charter criteria, such as how many people you are, starting date and duration. If you have any questions regarding Boat Charter in Sweden, please do not hesitate to contact us by mail, phone, skype or fax.

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The Swedish Archipelago

No visit in Sweden would be complete without experiencing the wonders of the famous Swedish Archipelago – arguably one of the worlds most spectacular!  This stunning area is made up of over 100 000 islands, from small to large, some buzzing with activity, others barely large enough to peak our from the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic and Baltic sea.  Closer to the mainland the islands appear larger, boasting extensive greenery and several year round inhabitants, while further out to sea the scenery becomes more rugged, windswept and wild.

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During the summer the archipelago provides an idyllic destination for a chance to relax and explore the surroundings.  The islands come to life and the sparkling waters are often dotted with a colourful array of sailboats and steamships as locals and visitors alike head out to explore. 

Exploring the archipelago in detail could indeed take an entire lifetime. However, for those on a more limited schedule, there is plenty of opportunity to spend some quality time on some of the more spectacular and accessible islands of the Archipelago.  Above you will find several suggestions for an ideal Archipelago escape to suit all schedules.

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The central and northern parts of Sweden benefit from the Norwegian mountain range. The mountains shield Sweden from the bad effects of Atlantic low pressure systems. Rain clouds often don’t make it to the east and let their water fall in Norway.

High pressure systems over Russia and Eastern Europe often bring quite warm and sunny summer weather in Sweden, with averages of 70° F (21° C) to 85°F ( 28°C) in June to August.

The weather is best in the archipelago and the winds are mostly normal. West Coast and the Atlantic Ocean provides a bit more for those who want to sail. The Baltic Sea is more like a big lake and the inner islands have much forest. Winds are usually moderate to fresh, with sea and land breezes.

You will find daily forecasts  on VHF and Radio - for more information   press this link Weather forecasts   


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