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For the most luxurious and relaxing Boat Charter cruise Boatcharter-online offer you a nice holiday in Lefkas / Nidri. New model Yacht today Boat Charter from Lefkas / Nidri is very popular. We work together with our local Boat Charter partners, we will offer you the best yacht for charter from Lefkas / Nidri or create for you a cruising route with visiting this location. You can get detailed information about Boat Charter in Lefkas / Nidri and all available yachts through our quick search tool. Chose destination for example the Lefkas / Nidri and for more information or an inquiry per e-mail, phone or fax.

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Lefkas/ Nidri

The Ionian Islands on the west of mainland Greece include the beautiful islands of Lefkas, Cephalonia, Ithica, Meganissi and Kalamos. Slightly further afield (but perfectly attainable on a weeks charter) are Corfu and Zakynthos. These are the most beautiful islands in the mediteranean!

The Ionian Sea is the perfect cruising ground for fun and relaxed sailing holidays. It really does offer something for all. The winds are not as strong as in some parts of Greece, and will typically be of F3/F4 strength in the afternoons. At night the winds usually die right down leaving the water looking like a milll pond.

The lie of the islands, creates a very protected area with little or no sea swell, which results in the perfect area for swimming, snorkelling and relaxing on your own beautiful yacht surrounded by the most perfect scenery. With no tides or currents to worry about, the sailing is technically relatively simple, allowing you time to enjoy your holiday.

Each evening you will be able to moor up in a small village on the town quay or anchor off in your own deserted bay for the night. You will never be far from a friendly taverna, where you will be able to sample the delicious Greek food and enjoy the wonderful hospitality unique to the Ionian Islands.

Days at sea can be as long or as short as you wish, as the islands in the Ionian are close together and there are so many beautiful bays to anchor in for relaxed lunch time stops, before sailing to the next night time stop. We can advise on many suitable itineraries which will fit with your requirements.

Nidri village, however, is more boisterous, just like the fair but crowded inlet across. Outside July, August this inlet is a must anchor and you can use the sunken coaster here to tie an extra line. The Nidri quay self provides water, fuel etc. but places you in the middle of yacht charter bases, tripper boats, ferries etc.

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