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Pacific Ocean bounded to the west of Australia and Asia. In the north it is connected with the Arctic Ocean through the 92 km wide Bering Strait. In the eastern limit of the Americas and the South counted sixtieth parallel to the border to the Southern Ocean. Pacific Ocean has an area of about 166 million km ², and occupies an area that is larger than the earth's total fastlandsyta. At the equator, where the sea is at its widest, it covers half the earth's circumference (105 ° east to 75 ° west longitude or about 20 000 km.). At 44 ° South latitude is the width of 11 300 km. The distance from the Bering Strait to the southern polar circle amounts to nearly 15 000 km. The largest of the Pacific Ocean surrounding seas are Bering Sea, Okhotsk Sea, Sea of Japan, China Sea, California Bay and the Tasman Sea.

No oceans are so rich in the Pacific islands, but most of these have a very small area.

South Pacific

A sailing area is very popular. Specially French Polynesia, Tonga and Austraila. Here you can sail year round ..

South Pacific is one of the planet's most exotic and exciting waters of Australia and New Zealand. In the vast area from Hawaii in the north to Australia in the south are many beautiful and unspoilt island, ready for sailors who want to discover the Pacific Ocean.

Here you will find the Society Islands, including Tahiti and Bora Bora belonging to French Polynesia, the Kingdom of Tonga, the Vava'u islands and Whitsunday Islands within the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Sailing Conditions.

On the other side of the world is all upside down. Australia's winter corresponds to our summer, trade winds blow from south-east and the inhabitants of the islands live a simple life in harmony with nature. Sailing is very varied and open-sea sailing between the islands to the turquoise lagoons protected by coral reefs.

Visit the link below Polynesia to ensure the supply of charter boats, etc.

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