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For the most luxurious and relaxing Boat Charter cruise Boatcharter-online offer you a nice holiday in Bodrum. New model Yacht today Boat Charter from Bodrum is very popular. We work together with our local Boat Charter partners, we will offer you the best yacht for charter from Bodrum or create for you a cruising route with visiting this location. You can get detailed information about Boat Charter in Bodrum and all available yachts through our quick search tool. Chose destination for example the Bodrum and for more information or an inquiry per e-mail, phone or fax.

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Bodrum is the premier yachting centre in Turkey. Surrounded by wild mountains, it offers a panorama of history, mythology & spectacular scenery. Dominated by the medieval caste of St. Peter, it was the birth place of Herodutus & an important port & capital of the kingdom of Caria. The city is also home to the tomb of Mausolus, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, belonging to the third century B.C.

Contemporary Bodrum is primarily devoted to more hedonistic pleasures of Sailing, Sunbathing & Partying. It is home to the renowned " Halkarnas Hotel', an outdoor discotheque, where the jet -set go to be seen partying among the stone pillars and laser beams until the early hours. Bodrum is also well known as a bohemian artistic centre & is an excellent place to shop for Turkish Handicrafts.

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Low season : from November to April
High season : from July to August
Medium season : May, June & October


The Turkish Aegean and Mediterranean coasts have very hot and dry summers, and wet, mild winters when the coastal towns more or less shut down between October and April. In the summer months, the winds in the Sea of Marmaris and the Aegean are predominately from the north and west. For dayly weather forecast on your sailtour look at  Get weather forecaste

We can offer the follow boats below for charter in this eara. Mostly from saturday to saturday. More information for Turkley you will find in the map Turkey in destinations.

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